Software company, Glow, has hit the market with an all-in-one WordPress maintenance tool to allow digital agencies and web developers to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard. 

The launch follows a successful 12 months of Glow providing outsourced WordPress website maintenance services to agencies and end users via a web-based app.

The new to market version of the Glow app will meet the needs of agencies and developers maintaining multiple WordPress websites, by allowing them to do so more efficiently and more profitably.

As an all-in-one product, Glow will eliminate the need for multiple tools and systems ordinarily required to provide a complete website maintenance service to clients.

Unlike other WordPress management tools currently on the market, Glow is built around a specialist support ticket system, which allows agencies and developers to communicate with their clients directly from within the app, enabling them to track the progress of support requests more easily and deliver the best possible customer service to their clients.

Founder Phil Storey said he’s bringing the tool to market to not only help users run a better WordPress maintenance business, but also provide a more transparent and enjoyable experience to their clients.

Phil says: “ WordPress now powers around 40% of the entire internet. That’s a lot of websites. It’s the choice for thousands of agencies and developers around the world, for building their clients’ websites and with such high demand comes the need for ongoing support and maintenance.

“Without the right software, managing multiple WordPress sites is an extremely time consuming process. Furthermore, the end client often struggles to understand the true value that website maintenance brings to their business. 

“By making Glow a tool where agency’s clients can login and view important information about how their website is being looked after, we aim to not only help agencies more easily prove the value of maintenance to their clients, we’re also confident of dramatically improving the efficiencies for agencies in the delivery of this service.

“We designed Glow for simplicity –  to make managing multiple WordPress websites and providing ongoing support to clients easier than ever.”

Glow’s first app was launched in May 2020 with the objective to help digital agencies outsource their WordPress website maintenance to Glow’s developers.

After working with multiple agencies across the UK and the US, Phil obtained a deeper understanding of the needs of agency owners and developers offering wordpress site maintenance.

Months of research and survey data led to the shift to a complete product only business model to allow those offering maintenance to better manage the whole process.

Phil added: “We’ve designed Glow intentionally so that it focuses on the relationship between the agency and their client. Unlike competing products, it’s not just a set of technical WordPress features. 

“What matters most to clients in receipt of website support is how quickly and effectively their supplier replies to and resolves their support queries. This is why we made the support ticket system a core feature, along with numerous ways to white-label and personalise Glow to your agency – thus allowing agencies to create the most on-brand and efficient service as possible. ”

The new app is full of all the essential features required to manage multiple WordPress websites at scale, including one click access to all websites, negating the need for usernames and passwords. 

Glow also provides agencies with the ability to perform important security updates to plugins, themes and the WordPress core in bulk, across all their clients’ websites. Robust and customisable reporting and backup features are included too.

Other unique features include user experience testing, where agencies can perform tasks such as regular checks on their clients’ enquiry forms, amongst others.

The word of the new tool is already exciting the industry, with multiple agency owners registering for early access.

Owner of digital agency Xpand, Jag Panesar expressed his excitement: “We’re always looking at ways to improve the service our clients receive. Glow’s solution will really help us to deliver website maintenance more efficiently and reduce our dependence on the number of different products we currently use to provide this service.

“I’ve signed up for early access and can’t wait to be amongst the beta testers who get to experience its benefits.”

The new app is set for release next month. With interest in the app growing, Glow is inviting digital agencies and web developers to join an exclusive pool of beta testers to bench test the pre-launch version.

Those interested in applying can register here.