VirtlX, a cloud-based success management software designed to assist businesses with employee engagement, customer retention and market research, has announced a new integration with global small business platform, Xero.

VirtlX is a 360-degree platform built on a three-pronged approach to success management: Perceive, Reflect and Enrich, to monitor, analyse and therefore scale businesses.

From customer experience surveys and market research (Perceive), to peer reviews and employee appraisals (Reflect), right through to bespoke training materials (Enrich), VirtlX safely analyses  data to support all areas of a business, fully compliant with GDPR requirements.

The integration with Xero means that employee data can be securely shared between Xero Payroll into VirtlX, removing the timely process of having to re-enter all employee data onto a second platform.

Richard Chalk, founder of Rison Software which developed VirtlX said: “Joining the Xero App Store is a huge moment for us at VirtlX. Not only does it mean we can provide an even better service to our clients, but it’s a symbol of our commitment and dedication over the last five years.

“To be recognised and accredited by an industry-leading company like Xero feels phenomenal, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

VirtlX has been providing businesses with resources to gain valuable insights into both internal and external business metrics which assist them in making informed business decisions since 2017.

VirtlX enables best practice by ensuring employees are fully trained in all products and services so that businesses can offer outstanding delivery to clients consistently. The software also includes access to third party training, as well as resources to create bespoke in-house training materials, with results delivered directly to the relevant manager to monitor progress.

In late 2021, founder Richard began the process of integration with a number of external systems including HR Partner and now Xero.

Richard added: “The new integration with Xero will add to the user experience by ensuring all employees are added to the system and removes the need of having to upload employee details multiple times to different systems.

“Our mission has always been to offer the most intricate insights for businesses in the simplest of ways, and so the Xero integration is just one additional way to ensure that for our clients.”

To find out more about VirtlX, you can visit or search ‘VirtlX’ on the Xero App Store.