Multi service creative agency Studio LWD has kicked off a campaign to highlight how the shift toward digital marketing over the last decade has changed brand recognition.

With consumers spending more time online than ever before, they’re constantly engaging with branded content. To be truly recognised online, brands have to stand for more, else they’ll quickly be left behind.

The widespread adoption of digital marketing has meant that the way a brand acts, speaks, and engages is critical to success.

The #morethanjustalogo campaign leads with an interactive quiz, inviting people to test their brand knowledge.

It includes some of the UK’s top brands famous for their quirky sayings, brand colours, social media personality, imagery and mascots – but no logos.

There are four possible answers to choose from, all of which could be perceived to be correct considering the market position and industry of the brands mentioned.

Studio LWD will also be sharing a series of teaser questions and interactive posts across all of their channels to create awareness of the importance of brand outside of a logo.

Results will be analysed and reported by region, and one brand will be crowned the UK’s most recognisable brand based on a scoring system of correct responses.

Laura Weldon, creative director at Studio LWD said: “Having a logo used to be enough decades ago, but with the rise of digital marketing and the shift in what consumers value and want to see from a brand, it’s never been more important to consider every element of your brand.

“Many people spend thousands having a logo developed, a shiny website, and some fancy-coloured graphics – which are all important don’t get me wrong – but they fail to invest in developing a brand personality and the wider elements which support brand recognition.”

“We wanted to raise awareness of the importance of developing a brand and not just a logo, but do it in a fun and engaging way, and everyone loves a little knowledge test.

“I am excited to see the results!”

The campaign will kickstart on social media on Friday 28th May 2021 and run for a total of four weeks.

Readers can keep up to date with the campaign by following Studio LWD social channels or take part here